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Zargon Comic Subscription

Level: 1
Price: 5,000 Credits
Sellback: 500 Credits
Location: Zargon Comics

Equip Slot: Floor

Special Effects: Read Comics about your adventures on Planet Zargon on clicking.
You should've completed specific quests on Zargon to read specific comics.

Currenly launched issues:
Prologue - Invasion into Zargon.
Issue #1 - Finding parts to make a supermecha.
Issue #2 - Getting Geekatron Prototype back.
Issue #3 - Rescuing Zargon Superheros.
Issue #4 - Rescuing Doctor Bryce Benner.
Issue #5 - Fighting spiders and Arachnid to find Boltavolt's plan.
Issue #6 - Going underground into bat cave to rescue Wayne Bryce aka Bat Mecha.
To be continued...

Description: A subscription to the latest Zargon Comics, delivered directly to your starship!

Image: Zargon Comic Subscription

Thanks to Z.234 for suggestion to add Issue list!

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