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Location: Victoria's Secret

Quests given

Shops owned


Roberts: Did m't yo do that... thing for... er- what'shisname?
Roberts: That's the one!
Roberts: I do, I do! Say... how's about you help me with a little job I've got in the works?
Roberts: Weeeell. Y'know the King? The one with the daughters?
Roberts: I heard tell that he's going to be in some fortress in the woods near Falconreach.
Roberts: That's the one! Anyways, I figure, the life of a bandit chief is pretty swanky what with the robbing and the plundering and all, but I figured...
Roberts: if I could grab me a princess, I could ransom some serious loot outta her daddy.
Roberts: Yup! And you two're gonna help!
Roberts: What's that?


Thanks to Stephen Nix for shop and quest information, the banner, and corrections.

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