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Holy Wasabi

Also see Sanctified Wasabi and Divine Wasabi.

Level: 20
Price: 750 14
Sellback: 375 7
Location: WarLich!

Element: Earth
Cost: 7 SP
Activation: 0 Turns

At the end of the player's turn, you lose 7 SP and take some Heal damage. The damage is equal to 0-2 plus 9% Stats. (Stats bonus is equal to YourEND/8.) (Remember that the player usually has -100% Heal Resistance, so this will heal you.) You do not lose SP on the first turn (because you already paid to activate the item). If you do not have the SP, the item is unequipped (without healing you).

On Monster Category "Undead", you gain -2% to your Fire/Water/Wind/Ice/Earth/Energy/Light/Darkness Modifiers.

Artix's special blend, this spicy condiment burns with holy power! If you can stand the heat, it will heal you a small amount each turn and protect you against the undead!
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Stats from jimij770. Numbers from Aelthai.

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