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Location: (Mino)torture, The Minotaur II: The Bludgeoning

Quests given

Shops owned

In The Minotaur II: The Bludgeoning:
Taurus: You have made it this far, but you'll go no further!

Taurus: Auughhh! Yet another runty hero determined to prove themself by picking on an isolated shackle-laden -
Taurus: Oh, sure. Insult me now, too. It isn't enough that you felt the need to flaunt your combat skills when it's plain to see I'm out of practice.
Taurus: Well, you'd pick up some tricks, too, if you had apprentices breaking into your prison as a rite of passage once every couple months or so.
Taurus: And most of them could barely lift their blades, let alone attack with them.
Taurus: I wouldn't have minded so much, except none of them were strong enough to remove these shackles.
Taurus: Some power in the metal keeps me from leaving, and I can't pry them off.
Taurus: Fight the chickencow? Oh, no. I just have this thing about gods. Can't stand them. The stories my parents used to tell me about them...
Taurus: *shudder* Making them mad gives me a bit of amusement in between racing dirtbeetles and using discarded bones as building blocks.
Taurus: Completely unfounded accusations! Just because I *look* like a monster and attacked a few sheepfarmers...
Taurus: You aren't going to help me with these shackles, are you?
Taurus: He's delusional. Claims to be a Prince every now and then. I mostly keep him around for the comic relief. It gets boring down here.


Thanks to
-- Stephen Nix for corrections.
-- Peachii for a correction.
-- Hopeful Guy for a location and a correction.

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