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Elder Wind Dragon Form

Also see other Wind Dragon Forms ( Wind Drayk, Baby Wind Dragon, Young Wind Dragon, Wind Dragon, Ancient Wind Dragon).

Level: 103
Price: 625,000 489,246
Sellback: 312,500 244,623
Location: Law of the Dragons
Element: Wind

Melee: 42
Ranged: 45
Magic: 40

Fire: 81%
Water: 81%
Wind: 49%
Ice: 81%
Earth: 151%
Energy: 54%
Light: 81%
Darkness: 146%

If you have at least 299 SP, you can choose between the Attack and the Breath Weapon. If you don't, then you automatically use the Attack.
    Hits: 1
    Type: «As Weapon»
    Element: «As Weapon»
    Damage: 340% Base, Random, and Stats damage
    BTH: +12 plus Stats

    Breath Weapon: Buffeting Blast!
    Hits: 1
    Type: «Melee converts to Ranged; else As Weapon»
    Element: Wind
    Damage: 114-318 damage plus 1,155% Stats
    BTH: +25 plus Stats
    • This is treated as a Spell, and thus does not use any of your weapon's statistics (other than Type).
    • If the attack hits and deals >0 damage, thenyour opponent can be buffeted* for one round, and takes -50 to DEX. (See the entry on buffeted for more information.)

        Level: 103 vs MonsterLevel
        Major: YourEND vs MonsterEND
        Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

    Cost: 299 SP

    *Your foe is battered off-balance by the strong winds!
As gentle as a breeze but as swift and unpredictable as a gale at sea, you are a wind dragon!


Stats from Kalanyr (via Koree), Zevith, BexnDan, and Isphus. Numbers from Aelthai. Image from Windy.

In Media Res -> RE: Elder Wind Dragon Form (3/5/2009 1:14:43)

Elder Wind Dragon Form

Location: Law of the Dragons (given to characters of level 103-111)

«Otherwise, EXACTLY as above»

Stats from Kalanyr (via Koree), Zevith, BexnDan, and Isphus. Numbers from Aelthai.

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