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Ianthe -> Ice Drayk Form (3/5/2009 21:23:02)

Ice Drayk Form

Also see other Ice Dragon Forms ( Baby Ice Dragon, Young Ice Dragon, Ice Dragon, Elder Ice Dragon, Ancient Ice Dragon).

Level: 20
Price: 2,200 164
Sellback: 1,100 82
Location: Law of the Dragons
Element: Ice

Melee: 31
Ranged: 31
Magic: 31

Fire: 116%
Water: 89%
Wind: 97%
Ice: 84%
Earth: 97%
Energy: 97%
Light: 111%
Darkness: 97%

Hits: 1
Type: «As Weapon»
Element: «As Weapon»
Damage: 87% Base, Random, and Stats damage
BTH: +2 plus Stats

Brr... You have become an Ice Dragon, undisputed master of the snowy tundra!


Stats from Stephen Nix. Numbers from Aelthai. Image from Windy.

Ianthe -> RE: Ice Drayk Form (3/5/2009 21:24:22)

Ice Drayk Form

Location: Law of the Dragons (given to characters of Level 20-35)

«Otherwise, EXACTLY as above»

Stats from Kalanyr (via Koree). Numbers from Aelthai.

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