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Ianthe -> Ice Dragon Form (3/5/2009 21:47:24)

Ice Dragon Form

Also see other Ice Dragon Forms ( Ice Drayk, Baby Ice Dragon, Young Ice Dragon, Elder Ice Dragon, Ancient Ice Dragon).

Level: 86
Price: 113,000 83,058
Sellback: 56,500 41,529
Location: Law of the Dragons
Element: Ice

Melee: 43
Ranged: 43
Magic: 43

Fire: 146%
Water: 59%
Wind: 89%
Ice: 54%
Earth: 89%
Energy: 89%
Light: 141%
Darkness: 89%

If you have at least 241 SP, you can choose between the Attack and the Breath Weapon. If you don't, then you automatically use the Attack.
    Hits: 1
    Type: «As Weapon»
    Element: «As Weapon»
    Damage: 230% Base, Random, and Stats damage
    BTH: +10 plus Stats

    Breath Weapon: Icy Barrage!
    Hits: 1
    Type: «Melee converts to Ranged; else As Weapon»
    Element: Ice
    Damage: 68-195 damage plus 777% Stats
    BTH: +21 plus Stats
    • This is treated as a Spell, and thus does not use any of your weapon's statistics (other than Type).
    • If the attack hits and deals >0 damage, then your opponent can be frozen (new) for one round. (See the entry on freezing (new) for more information.) Ice-Element monsters are immune to this effect.

        Level: 86 vs MonsterLevel
        Major: YourINT vs MonsterEND
        Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

    Cost: 241 SP

    *You encase your foe in a block of ice!
Brr... You have become an Ice Dragon, undisputed master of the snowy tundra!


Stats from Stephen Nix, Bisser777, Zevith, BexnDan, and Isphus. Numbers from Aelthai. Image from Windy.

Ianthe -> RE: Ice Dragon Form (3/5/2009 21:51:28)

Ice Dragon Form

Location: Law of the Dragons (given to characters of Level 86-97)

«Otherwise, EXACTLY as above»

Stats from Kalanyr (via Koree), Bisser777, Zevith, BexnDan, and Isphus. Numbers from Aelthai.

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