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Ianthe -> White-Hot Guardian Flare Flayer (3/22/2009 23:28:33)

White-Hot Guardian Flare Flayer

Also see other Flare Flayers ( Irradiated Z, Hot, Glowing, Raging Guardian, Radioactive, Nuclear Z, Intense).

Level: 95
Price: 150,000 70,781
Sellback: 75,000 35,390
Location: Jagged Peaks / Guardian Shop

Type: Melee
Element: Fire
Damage: 7-29 8-31 11-42
BTH: 9

Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Fire
Damage: 181% Base and 139% Random each
Stat Bonuses: No
BTH: +62 each
    If both hits connect and do not deal 0 damage, and if the monster is not Fire Element, then the monster may be Burnt for five rounds. The Level of the burn is 98 (for 10-67 damage per turn).

  • Level: 98 vs MonsterLevel
  • Major: 200 vs MonsterEND
  • Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
Rate: 30%

This blade is imbued with gamma radiation! Luckily for you, it is...mostly contained. Unluckily for your enemies, it suffers from frequent leaks which you will just have to direct at THEM! If both blasts connect, your enemy will suffer angry burns.


New image thanks to arcangelgabrel. Image from Seto. Stats from AzunPaladin, Mortus Est, and Yagno2000. Numbers from Yagno2000. Damage update thanks to UKTone.

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