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Level: N/A
Price: N/A
Sellback: N/A (See special note below)
Location: Comes with Scrubs uniform

Damage: Same as current equip; if none, 1-8
Damage Type: N/A
Bonuses: N/A

Description: It's not just for Autospy! But it seems to want to leave you after you use it...
Image: Syringe

Note: To get the Syringe, you need to wear the Scrubs uniform (any hats are optional) and enter an energy blade battle. It's damage is the damage of the blade you had equipped at the time you got the uniform. If you had none equipped, its damage is 1-8. However, if you put on the Scrubs uniform and then equipped an energy blade, you won't get the Syringe unless you take off the uniform and put it back on again. Also, the Syringe 'leaves you' after you complete a quest that has at least one energy blade battle.

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