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Captain Rhubarb -> =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (4/22/2009 13:29:30)

We are trying to make the SuperRewards offer system work better and remove any that have caused major problems first.

Please list (in one post only) the exact offers that you have tried that have caused any issues such as viruses or excessive adware/spyware problems.

Do not list any that have resulted in sending you emails -- the best cure for this is for you to set up another email address (using a free service like Yahoo or Gmail) that you use for offers. Right now we want to find the ones that are causing the big problems that are messing with your computers.

This thread is not for discussion-- only for listing the problem offers.
Thanks for helping us get rid of the bad offers, everyone!


Please follow the REQUIRED format for reporting problems with AExtras offers.

You need to list:
2. The name of the offer you tried, such as "FastWeb - Find Free Scholarships for School", "REMEDYLife", or "NFO - MySurveys"
3. The date and time you tried the offer, such as Friday December 19, 2008 at 2:36 p.m.
4. The problem you encountered, such as 'offer loops and you didn't get the coins,' 'offer is pending and never updates,' etc
5. If you contacted SuperRewards, and what response you received from SuperRewards.

If you don't post these 5 things, we won't be able to look into the problem and help you receive your coins.

If you don't provide all information, your post will be deleted.

Instructions on how to contact SuperRewards directly for help:

In order to research offers that you have questions about,
go to the AExtras web page, and in the offers section, click the View Offer Status link.
Check the status of your offers, and click the "Missing" link for additional information about the offer, and to fill out a contact form for help.

Korda -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (4/23/2009 2:40:55)

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Gratis proefabonnement
AdventureCoins awarded when you order the free trial. Offer reports on a 15 minute delay.

2,109 AdventureCoins

The offer is for AQW on april 23rd. The problem is that they want you to download the free trial. Well guess what, there isn't a free trial on the link they give you.
Btw, gratis proefabonnement is dutch for free trial subscription.

Hope you can fix this one because it sure would be nice to have those coins :p

~ Korda

PS: I have not contacted the SuperRewards company since it's probably just the link they gave me.

Neara -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (4/30/2009 11:43:45)

@Captain Rhubarb: i'm not sure if this should go here but here it gose:

it says in my aqw account that i'm in the "PayBuyPartner" , but i want to change to "SuperRewards"Offer System, is this possible?

My Friend is in SuperRewards"Offer System, and it seems to do better.

theunderworldlord -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (4/30/2009 21:05:43)

I maked all free aextras for aqw and just got 2 offers completed please help me im theunderworldlord

Captain Rhubarb -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/1/2009 2:00:51)


Both reward systems will be available for all players soon.
Within the next 2 weeks.

Tsubame_Go -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/1/2009 7:32:16)

I don't know if this is right here but I have completed a survey one in AExtras but it still wouldn't give me my ACs and I redone it several times but it still wouldn't give me my ACs. Can you please help me?

- Also I done a different one earlier and it game me coins right after I finshed.

Neara -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/1/2009 9:29:42)

@Captain Rhubarb: Oh ok thank you.

zilla95 -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/1/2009 12:27:22)


62 adventure coins

Register for Free with the DARKORBIT Space Game...
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AdventureCoins awarded when user joins BigPoint. Offer reports on a 15 minute delay.
i signed up with them over 4 days ago and havent recieved them

AQW acount name zargon95

Baron -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/1/2009 19:01:32)

Adventure Quest
Travian-Play the legendary game travian for z-tokens
Saturday 2 May 2009 At about 8:30 a.m. (australian time)
It never sent me the registration e-mail, so I couldn't complete the offer
Didn't contact them because it is the game that wouldn't let me finish the offer (Never sent me my e-mail[:(])
It was going to give me 101 z-tokens, also...we need more free offers that don't require sending much personal info. only e-mail please.

The dodo offer says no purchase required, but to get them you need a credit card & you need to make a purchase, so that one is not meant to be in the free offers. This one is in the AQ AExtras as well, & gives 909 z-tokens.


giaZ123 -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/2/2009 0:24:58)

i'mhaving prob with the adcoins i did all of the fillup things and i did not get nothing

Richow -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/5/2009 15:13:53)

Someone help me i was trying to get the adcoins but i cant do the survey i think that is from my country the page dont open[:(]and i was tryng to get the coins for 1 week the status of the survey says that is "viwed"if someone can help me i answer for all the peeps of aqw about it but any 1 hlp[&o]so please HLP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What is this?I download a lot of times and no 1 coin guys of aqw you just can be kidding whit me plz help me i cant won no 1 coin!!!!![sm=twill7a.gif]

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wildwingman0 -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/6/2009 15:04:17)

the 'Offer Your Opinion & Earn Rewards for Free!' offer doesn't work for super rewards in aq worlds. It says on its website apply before 31st of march and its been passed that date thats why it doesn't work. It cant be my computer as i have tried on several computers. I think this offer should be removed.

SDF -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/6/2009 21:59:19)

Hey Cap! Im having a problem with the offer "Welcome to Tarvian" in AQW yesterday May 5 at 7:48 PM (Pacific Standard Time). I signed up and played it. It says there's a 15 minute wait thing but it's been over 2 hours. Whats the matter?

Drakadh -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/7/2009 7:41:02)

I though they said aextras was free???

Tsubame_Go -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/8/2009 2:02:45)

I have a problem with the "Register with Homescan Survey Panel for Free & Have Your Say!" offer, cuase i've done it over 10 times and it wouldn't give me my coins.[:@][:@][:@]

Jr -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/14/2009 22:52:11)

I did the Survey Panel Group, did surveys for like 2 hours.

I reported to the SuperRewards link, and it e-mailed me saying "DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!" but then later it said to "Please copy and paste the entire comfirmation email for your participation within the text box."

So, that was kind of confusing.

So, yeah, I'm posting here lol.

ccollins -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/17/2009 12:54:10)

NFO- My survey.



Completed it but still no coins[:@][:@][:@]

Didn't contact super rewards

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drake the dragon -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/18/2009 21:04:11)

I wont get the Adventure Coins its been 1day been waiting for many hours.......[:@][:@][:@]

PLEASE I BEG YOU!!I need My AC Please

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Bithirnek -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/20/2009 15:04:20)

[:@]angry face i subscribed like 5 websites still no coins Sad face im getting spamed =(

drake the dragon -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/21/2009 10:28:06)

I downloaded all i should and use to get the AC but still dont have it.....[:(][:@][X(]

and can i know when will i get my AC..

My Character MiCo TeMpLo

lord_zamorak -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/22/2009 16:24:22)

well does this thread also help people that havent recieved their tokens after completing n offer?

Tempest Winds -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/23/2009 2:34:33)

1. Game: AQWorlds
2. Offer: Find Friendship, Romance, and Life Long Love. Register Today! (Elitemate.com)
3. 2:25 AM (EST)
4. Many advertisements on the site (namely from a site called AdultFriendFinder) are pornographic in nature. I didn't think it was exactly appropriate for the kind of site this is. This was after I had completed the offer. At the main page after login, the advertisement was at the bottom of the screen.
5. I haven't contacted SuperRewards.

Just thought I'd throw this out there. over 18 or not, not many people want to randomly have pr0n tossed at their face when they don't expect it.

splazer -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/23/2009 3:57:36)

Twoja opinia się liczy!
Podjęcie tej krótkiej ankiety na temat sprzętu komputerowego wsparcia. Wpływ produktów i usług jutro.
No purchase required to receive AdventureCoins
AdventureCoins przyznane po ukończyć badania. Ukończył aktualizowane są na 15 minut opóźnienia. Minimalne wymagania obejmują ich co najmniej 18 rok życia, posiadanie komputera i drukarki.


Zarabiaj na wasze opinie!
Badanie zadowolenia ze wsparcia...
No purchase required to receive AdventureCoins
AdventureCoins awarded when you complete the survey with valid personal info. Offer reports on a 15 minute delay.

didnt work.

I really need 500ac...

flashassasin -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/25/2009 8:43:33)

offer:NFO-free survey
advertisment:do survey and u will get 240 free ac's
The problem:i did the surveys and i didnt get any ac's for them and i did em until i couldnt do em anymore

i dont kno whats wrong does anyone here kno cause I really need 240 ac's

w0rld -> RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers (5/25/2009 12:13:55)

Adventure Quest Worlds
Travian offer
May 24, 2009
i did not get the coins
1st 1 is hold on tight we will sort it out
2nd is nothing but a link to the complaint page
3rd is the same as 2nd

My friend did the same thing and he got the coin but i did not
please help my sort it out

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