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Crimzon5 -> Sandblast (4/23/2009 5:14:40)


Also see other Sand spells ( Sandstorm, Sandnado, Sandicane).

Level: 15
Price: 650 43 Gold
Sellback: 325 21 Gold
Location: Pirates vs. Ninjas: Round Two

Element: Neutral
Cost: 76 MP

Hits: 8
Type: Magic
Element: Wind/Earth/Wind/Earth/Wind/Earth/Wind/Earth
Damage: 2-7 damage plus 49.8% Stats each
BTH: +3 plus Stats each

The sand used to create this spell was collected from sand golems, and still retains some of the magic that animated them! Blast your foe with Earthy sand and fierce Wind!


Picture shot by dragoncrazyxp.

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