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ArchMagus Orodalf -> King Sneed (4/24/2009 20:52:49)


King Sneed

Location: Sitcom

Quests given

Shops owned

King Sneed: What you wanting?
King Sneed: ... Other than breaking more of sneevil's stuff?

King Sneed: WHAT!?!?! You just knock out lots sneevils on your way here? Now you want HELP?

King Sneed: You need buy a book on asking politely.
King Sneed: Or a shrink.

King Sneed: Now you speaking my language, but we no want you gold!

King Sneed: A HUNDRED THOUSAND BOXES!?!?! ...Nibbleface!

King Sneed: Is hundred thousand boxes a lot?

King Sneed: ...
King Sneed: ... More than five?

King Sneed: WE DO IT!


Thanks to
-- Stephen Nix for coloring and banner information.
-- Peachii for correction.
-- Stridoom for correction.

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