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Galvanic Orb

Also see other Static Rods ( Static Orb, Charged Orb, Shocking Orb Z, Guardian Shocking Orb, Galvanic Orb Z, and Voltaic Orb).

Level: 75
Price: 60 000 8,802
Sellback: 30 000 4,401
Location: Jagged Peaks

Type: Magic
Element: Energy
Damage: 7-26
BTH: 8%

Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Energy
Damage: 253% Base and Random per hit
BTH: +41% per hit
Stats: No
Rate: 18%

You may click on the orb during your turn to toggle between activated and inactivated mode. While activated, every player and special attack hit has a 25% chance to do 140% Base/Random/Stats damage, and to burn your HP for 2/7 of damage done.

The orb releases a burst of static electricity.

This magical orb is charged with static electricity. Click on the orb to supercharge it for a chance to do bonus damage! But beware, it may shock you too!


Numbers from Yagono2000. Picture and description from Knightstar2001. Message from Pink Ice.

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