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The Yaga Sisters

Other name: Yaga

Location: ArchKnight Falconreach -> Down -> 2 Right -> Hero -> Talk -> Yaga
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Basilisk Cave
Release Date: May 8th, 2009

Objective: What do the five sinister sisters know about the missing princess?
Objective completed: No luck saving a princess this time... but at least Ash's friend isn't stone... amphibious, yes, but not stone.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes (to highest level in party)

(3) Dark Drinker
(2) Raven
(4) Yaga Sister



Osnero: Why do you bother us, heroes?
Osnero: We have left your precious Thursday alone...
Osnero: And the Savage Outworlder no longer heeds our summons as he once did, thanks to you.
Ash: Savage Outworlder?
Musuk: Never mind that.
Felst: EH?!
Ash: I'm sorry, um... ma'am.
Ash: We come in peace...
Hero: OMG. I'm never taking you anywhere ever again.
Ash: We're only looking for information.
Skunch: Information?
Skunch: Hahaha!
Skunch: Why should we help you at all?
Felst: EH?!
Hero: Well...
Hero: You did just basically admit to still trying to summon the Savage Outworlder.
Skunch: ... You wish to take all our fun away, don't you, hero?
Gilth: ... You wish to take all our fun away, don't you, hero?
Hero: Only when what you consider "fun" threatens my very existence...
Osnero: Hero, we do not wish to waste time with you, what information do you seek?
Ash: A princess!!
Ash: Er... I mean, we're looking for one!
Ash: To.. uh..
Ash: Save.
Osnero: *cackle*
Osnero: A princess? That is what you seek?
Osnero: Musuk...
Osnero: He's looking for a princess, my dear.
Musuk: Yes, I heard, sister.
Musuk: A princess, yes, we know of one, but she doesn't need saving, hahaha.
Ash: Doesn't need saving? What have you done to her?!
Musuk: Nothing, little one.
Musuk: She doesn't need saving because she's right where she wants to be.
Ash: Where she wants to be?
Musuk: Yes.
Musuk: I came to Doomwood on my own, and wish to stay and pursue...fun... with my found sisters.
Musuk: I'm sorry, little hero, but I have no desire to be "saved".
Ash: Ohhhh.
Ash: ...I don't get it.
Hero: It's a royal crest.
Ash: Wait.. that means--
Hero: ... That she's a princess, yep.
Musuk: What?
Ash: ...
Ash: Yikes.
Hero: Sorry, Ash... maybe they know of something that can help your friend though?
Ash: Oh! Do you think you can help her? She's kinda...
Ash: Well...
Ash: ...Kinda petrified right now.
Gilth: Yes, whoever did that does good work...
Felst: Yes, whoever did that does good work...
Ash: I don't want her to be stone though.
Osnero: You came to our neck of the woods and disrupt us, try to "save" one of us and you still ask more of us?
Musuk: Oh no you di'n't.
Osnero: I have no desire to spend my time making a potion for you now....
Osnero: But...
Osnero: Well, feel free to try your hand at the cauldron...
Skunch: *whisper* ...Sister?
Osnero: *whisper*We can stand back and watch the show, hahaha. Who knows what he'll mix up, or just what will explode!
Osnero: Just follow the ingredients as they light up, boy!
Ash: Here we go...

  • Begins potion minigame.

    Ash: ...
    Ash: Ok.. Here goes!
    Ash: I guess I just pour it over her head...
    Ash: GAH! I think I'm blind!
    Princess: You sav--
    Princess: Ribbit...?
    Ash: Huh?
    Ash: OH NO!
    Ash: Eww, you're all slimy!
    Princess: *glares*
    Ash: Um, I mean beautiful.
    Ash: Yeah...
    Ash: But... maybe if I kiss her...
    Ash: ...
    Princess: ...
    Hero: ...
    Hero: Sorry, Ash, looks like you need to find a Prince for this one...
    Ash: ...
    Ash: But, I want to save her...

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Peachii, Sasuke Uchiha, and Voodoo Master for corrections.

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