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Ducky Dive

Location: Rescue Robina
Objective: Complete the dive in the time limit without losing all HP/Great Job! You survived a ducky dive!
Requirements: Requires 1 Yellow Ducky Submarine in inventory.
Release Date: -

  • Crazy Kraken


    In this quest/minigame, you pilot the Yellow Ducky Submarine, while dodging Jellyfish. If hit, you take [Mecha HP * 3%] damage to your Sub rounded down. You sub has the same HP as your mecha.
    If you make it to the bottom, you may receive the following-

    Note: You may find nothing (moderately high chance of this happening), a small amount of credits (roughly 190~400 from my experience), a Braken to fight (you are healed beforehand and it is scaled to your level, so don't worry), or one of the following Loot Shops-

    Reward Shops:
    (Front/Back Arm)
  • Redbeard's Musket
  • Davey's Musket

    (Front/Back Shoulder)
  • Blackbeard's Bombs
  • Jones' Bombs

  • Star Ring
  • Star Line
  • Star Log
  • Star Glass

    Thanks to $$archie$$, and hauntar for info.

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