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Crimzon5 -> WarpForce Teaser (6/7/2009 22:04:59)

A force to be reckoned with!

BattleOn >> WarpForce Teaser
or Event Button >> WarpForce Teaser

For 1000 years she chased them...
She fled through the stars and the void of space seeking their hiding places and learning their secrets.

Then the unthinkable happened...
They returned to the world of her birth seeking to destroy it.
Though we managed to deter them here, they still remain in space continuing their dark activities.
Yet, they remain.

A dark and sinister force that long ago betrayed its purpose.
They hunt the stars destroying worlds and ruining lives.
And no resistance has been able to stop them or even slow them down...

AdventureQuest Guardians will be able to play the Beta of WARPFORCE beginning July 3rd!

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    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. Correction from Stephen Nix.

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