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War Shop

Location: Assault on Popsprocket -> Yix -> Talk and Shop

Beacon of Hope
RNGear Necklace

Yix: The sneak attack has launched, <Character>!
Yix: As we speak, the Togriders, led by General Sneevord, have charged at the masses of undead and cyklons!
Yix: If we're lucky, they'll take out a huge chunk of our enemies, allowing you and the other heroes to finish up the battle.
Yix: The undead are pushing closer to where we believe Balthar hides, though, and the Cyklons are replicating at a rapid rate!

Yix: The Energy Orb is safe and Sepulchure has been thwarted!
Yix: With the help of the Togriders, you have managed to vanish ALL the cyklons AND the undead!
Yix: You have saved our city, and our future.
Yix: Our city- and the Energy Orb- would have been lost without all of your efforts. You have our gratitude!

Thanks to
-- Sasuke Uchiha for the war tag.
-- Stephen Nix for corrections.

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