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ArchMagus Orodalf -> Battle Ram (6/18/2009 14:50:53)

Battle Ram

Resistances: Immobility: 70
Enemy Type: Equippable
Default special abilities: N/A

Attack 1
Combo Hit! +X% to Damage and -Y% to Hit
Attack Image: Attack 1
Explanation: X is [Hit#*8] while Y is [Hit#*5].

Attack 2
Critical chance increases with each hit
Attack Image: Attack 2

Attack 3
Knocked off Balance! -25 to Hit for 3 turns
Attack Image: Attack 3

Attack 4
Heavy Handed! Random amount of extra Damage.
Attack Image: Attack 4

Attack 5
Stolen Tactics! -20 to Enemy Attack Bonus, +40% to Damage
Attack Image: Attack 5

Image: Battle Ram

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