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[image][/image]Balthar's Blade
At first glance, it looks like this sword's beam is made from pure energy orb matter, but on second glance, it appears to be an alien material. This item requires a Dragon Amulet

Location: To the Orb!
Price: N/A
Sellback: 50 Gold

Level: 47
Damage: 62-70
Element: Energy
Bonuses: Dodge +1, Crit +2, Magic Def +1, Pierce Def +1, Melee Def +1, END +5, STR +5, Bonus +2, Energy +3, Ice +3, Water +3

Rarity: 15
Item Type: Sword
Attack Type: Melee
Category: Weapon
Equip Spot: Weapon


Thanks to
-- ILmaster13 for image.
-- cornfield10 for elemental resistances.
-- Stephen Nix for correction.
-- Sasuke Uchiha for correction.
-- AztecArcher for correction.
-- Peachii for correction.

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