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Location: Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Gnome?

Quests given

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???: A little help here, please?
Balthar: Hey... THANKS!
Balthar: No really, they didn't even have a toi- er, let's just say, thanks for opening the door.

???: I wasn't here at first, I was in my lab with my experiments. Then things started to go VERY wrong.

???: My experiments started waking up! And then, well, they kind of started taking over. And started with me.

Balthar: *chuckle* That's me!

Balthar: Oh, no. No no no. Not bad! Just... curious.
Balthar: You see, I'd been mapping the lower levels of Popsprocket when I found this glowing orb buried in the rubble of an old building.

Balthar: Exactly. But I didn't know that yet. So I took it back to my lab (two turns to the left and up a level, past the Doo-hickey Demolisher).
Balthar: I started doing- well, nevermind the details, they're very technical. Lets just say once I was done, my inanimate Cyklons were ALIVE!

Balthar: Something like that. Anyways... once the energy from the Orb had saturated the metal, they were alive.
Balthar: And FAR stronger than I was! But... they couldn't use the orb themselves! So they put this Movement Incapacitor v3.14 on me.

Balthar: Exactly.

Balthar: I do! It's hidden in a hole back in my cell. The cyklons all rushed off a bit ago to fight the togriders and left me with it.

Balthar: ... And so that's how I got the Energy Orb and the Cyklons took over.

Balthar: While I was in my cell, I thought of multiple ways I could have prevented this.
Balthar: I REALLY didn't mean to have this happen. Or become a prisoner. That cell was small. And dark. And wet.


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