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Sir Gnome -> Where have all the replies gone? (6/24/2009 9:16:49)

If you notice that a Guide has suddenly lost the majority of its replies, don't worry - This is intentional!

Thread in this forum will be systematically pruned of all replies that the thread starter has dealt with (ie if a correction is submitted, then once the correction has been made, the correction post will be deleted), in order to keep the Guides as clutter-free as possible.

If the thread starters could post themselves in their thread once they've added all the information given so far, to let us know that they've done this, it would help speed this along.

Sir Gnome -> RE: Where have all the replies gone? (8/1/2009 18:22:19)

Just done a sweep of this - Again, its much appreciated if thread posters can post in their own thread saying 'Done up to here' or similar, so we know which replies have been dealt with (and so can be removed) and which haven't.

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