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Mysterious G.

Location: The City Fights Back!, Live and Let Dye, Bombs Away!, Evening Falconreach (Book 3) -> Down -> 2 Right, The Gnomes Gnow, Void Ship

Quests given

Shops owned

The City Fights Back!

Mysterious G.: *cough*

Mysterious G.: Why are you just standing there? Evacuation Plan FS001235 needs to be put into action. Now!

Mysterious G.: Where do you think this warning is coming from!?

Mysterious G.: Our city is... awake.

Mysterious G.: Aware. Angry. So many good synonyms for it, really.

Mysterious G.: Which is why we need to evacuate.

Mysterious G.: You have a dragon, don't you?

Mysterious G.: Magic!

Mysterious G.: I do not foresee Sepulchure being a problem for us again. Between your might and our magitech, he is no match for us.

Live and Let Dye

Mysterious G.: Looking ahead, I see this plan succeeding.

Mysterious G.: *Harrumph*

Bombs Away!

Mysterious G: My beautiful fiberous protein!

Mysterious G.: No!

Evening Falconreach (Book 3)

Mysterious G.: I hate camping... Even in if I have the latest metallic fiber Gnome-B-Dry Outdoor Shelter 42B.

The Gnomes Gnow

Mysterious G.: Must be nice to have such long legs. Move so fast.

Mysterious G.: Why his help? I can help.

Mysterious G.: Why do they always ask Tinker for help? I'm just as good.

Mysterious G.: That's it.
Mysterious G.: I've had it. You have the best weapons. You get the best magic.
Mysterious G.: Now, you're taking the best of the equipment from the shattered remains of MY home. I should have it. IT SHOULD BE MINE.

Mysterious G.: I don't care. I want it and I'm not going to stop until I take it all from you!

Mysterious G.: I... I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me....

Mysterious G.: No. I just... it seemed like you had so much and I... I thought it should be mine.... it's because of whoever, whatever, you're chasing isn't it?

Mysterious G.: No one messes with MG. If you'll take my help, I'm giving it.

Void Ship

Mysterious G.: I'm sorry, <Character>, but this area of the ship is off limits... for now. The void drive is being installed and tested as we speak.



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Thanks to
  • Voodoo Master for additional dialogue.
  • Peachii, Sagrym, and Stephen Nix for corrections.

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