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Zale Broadsword Z

(Also see Zale Broadswords).

Level: 50
Price: 2 375 1,900 Z-Tokens
Sellback: 2 138 1,710 Z-Tokens for the first 48 hours, then 1 188 950 Z-Tokens
Location: Miss Fixit - Quest for the Zale!

Type: Melee
Element: Energy
Damage: 6-26 8-35
BTH: 8

Hits: 3
Type: Magic
Element: Energy
Damage: 120% Base and Random
BTH: 36%
Rate: 19%

If at least one hit of the Special hits, then it will attempt to paralyse (new) the monster. The monster gets +20 on its roll. Energy-based monsters are immune to this.

Level: 66 vs MonsterLv
Major: 150 vs MonsterEND
Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

Infused with a magical ion cloud, the Zale is powerful blade that has a chance to paralyze most enemies with its special attack.

Alternate Picture

Picture and ease of format from Trans21. Special stats and BtH thanks to In Media Res. Alternate pic from Xalric.

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