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Nimnengil -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (3/11/2010 2:05:43)

I just thought I'd point something out which definitively invalidates one map or another.
The DF map clearly lines up well with the top center section of the AQW map, as has been stated, but shape is as far as it goes. The one location that is ascribed to both maps, Oaklore, is in two completely different locations.
Location in DF
Location in AQW

The two maps are therefore inconsistent with one another despite the shared shape and one must be disregarded in terms of locating places. The clear choice to me seems to be the AQW map, given its other problems.

Pink -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (3/28/2010 13:11:06)


Looking at these two pictures (Courtesy of Lkeas), there seems to be something a bit off.
These two pictures are rather obviously of the same place. However, I don't think it's possible to obtain a reflection l;ike this through rotation. So either some deviation of light happens at some point and reverses one of the two pictures (although I have no idea if that would even be possible), one of the two is actually of a parallel Lore, or one of the two picture got reversed and it's more of a minor bug than anything else.

I think the region in the map looks like the Dragon Map in AQW...

Edit: I made THIS with the old AQW map. The text may be hard to see, but zoom in!
This is a bigger version of the old AQW map.
Tell me if this is useful OR if it's useless. [;)]

Genoclysm -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (3/28/2010 17:41:33)

Well... the old AQW map was quite clear in stating that it was inaccurate... Good effort, but I'm afraid its use is limited.

What would be really awesome is if we could fill in the missing part of the globe for the map like ZAX once was doing, but I don't have the artistic talent (or even the technical photoshop knowledge to hack anything together), and those that do tend not to have the time to work on it. It's disappointing that it stagnates like this, but hopefully there's enough information gathered (and possibly continued to be gathered) for whenever someone can step up to the plate.

Baron Dante -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (4/17/2010 9:31:05)


I just thought I'd point something out which definitively invalidates one map or another.
The DF map clearly lines up well with the top center section of the AQW map, as has been stated, but shape is as far as it goes. The one location that is ascribed to both maps, Oaklore, is in two completely different locations.
Location in DF
Location in AQW

The two maps are therefore inconsistent with one another despite the shared shape and one must be disregarded in terms of locating places. The clear choice to me seems to be the AQW map, given its other problems.

I've been whining about this for since the DF map came out -.-

Avantir -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (4/17/2010 17:39:14)

Comparing this and this it looks to me as though the main land matches up reasonably well. The AQ map shows the bottom of AQW Oaklore and around AQW Lolosia, though they aren't located perfectly. If someone could do a bit of photoshoping and merge these three images (AQ, DF, AQW) so we could see the end result that would help I think. Note that I do know the AQW map has been proven inaccurate.

Edit: In this version of the AQ map, there appears to be an extra land addition. When compared to the AQW map, the extra land could actually fit in perfectly. If anyone does do the photoshop combination, maybe make two versions; one with each AQ map.

Genoclysm -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (4/17/2010 19:38:37)

The "horns" are swapped in location between the two maps, and the one misnamed as part of the "middle isles" on the AQ maps is merged into the mainland in AQW instead of having a channel between them with a bridge over it. The WF views from space allow us to see much of the AQ Battleonia continent and they just do not match up with AQW's map.

Lkeas -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (4/19/2010 13:30:57)

I'd just like to bring up again that I spoke with one of AQ's original cartographers and he said the Battleonia maps were never completed. The WF landmasses you see are unfortunately those unfinished maps slapped onto the planet for the space views. Battleonia in AQ is supposed to be shaped like a dragon's head, very similar to what we see in the other AE games. It is possible that one day the maps in AQ will be updated to better reflect this, but who knows?

Age100 -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (5/23/2010 23:41:28)

Perhaps these are lands for future games? I mean I expect AE to make more games in the future, so I suggest we ignore those land masses for now.

mikelonciel -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (6/19/2010 10:33:47)

Well I havent played DF in a quite while, but today I logged in just to spend some time , n I realized there were a new map in the Inn which quite resemble the aqw actual map ( DF map) and obiusly i couldnt resist to mix up with ours( aqw map)WICH GIVE BIRTH TO THIS:


As you notice these two fits almost perfectly, and so it appears the posibility of these being the actual place of the DF zones in aqw if they ever release them:
thought the maps seems to fit, its not complety thanks to sandsea wich in df is placed at the east of necropolis n falconreach, when I joined the maps sandsea was placed in the empty space between greenguard and swordhaven, however in the realy AQW, Sandsea is alot alot more in the south, is this enough to blow the entire idea?
well about the others places, since they arent anything yet in them in the aqw map, I atleast cannot question much about them.

here is version without the names

Cheddar -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (6/20/2010 14:36:24)

mielonciel, I made a topic similar to that. It is not just the Sandsea, but the placement of Oaklore and several other things as well that leads to inconsistencies.

mikelonciel -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (6/20/2010 20:19:39)

yeah i thought that too, well the only thing Im sure of is, that no matter how inacurate the map, Falcon reach IS right infront of the skull where drakath is in aqw!

Benedictus -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (10/26/2010 12:30:07)

If one really compares the AQW and AdventureQuest maps the similarities become evident.

In the AQW map, the horn pointing out of the right side of the dragon's head is the middle isles while Paxia may be the island to the north. The lands over the sea such as Deren and Vandar cannot be seen in AQW.

In the Original AdventureQuest map you have in the far west, going north to south: Darkovia, Greenguard, Orc territory (Augerthorn) and wetlands (Bennuju). This matches up with AQW almost perfectly with Darkovia in the north, Greenguard pushed further west, Bloodtusk Ravine acting as orc territory and the Neverglades being the wetlands.

The Dwarhold mountains also match in both games while the area between Dwarfhold and Mythsong in AQW could be hypothesized as being the Dragonspine mountains.

Sho Nuff Island from Dragonfable is present in all three maps but only labeled in that game. Draguesvard is also present in AQW but not labelled.

In DF-AQW comparisons the Sandsea and Oaklore provide problems but I think both have been successfully retconed by AQW until further notice. The same could be said about Frostvale in AQ-AQW comparisons.

Judging from DF, the Doomwood is likely to be located in the area between Skullholme, Greenguard and Arcangrove in AQW.

The Final Hollow -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (11/6/2010 13:16:54)

Does this help?

SIGMUND -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (1/10/2011 16:21:34)

So far these two maps seem to provide the most useful images of Lore.
Although here Vandar seems to be in the position occupied by Deren on the Travel Maps of AQ.
This could just mean that we are bad at navigating as we travel across Lore, slipping South East as we travel, rather than going directly East from Paxia.

However this map of Lore from AQW
and the others that I have seen from DF and WF just seem to show the differences between the games and can be explained by the multiple universe scenario which we have seen in many stories from all the games and particularly in the recent stories of AQ.

Each world is roughly the same geographically as Lore of AQ because of simialr geological forces working upon each of them. But the specifics of the maps are different becuse of slightly different events in each planets history.

Baron Dante -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (1/10/2011 17:01:43)

SIGMUND: I'd say DF map is more accurate than AQW one because AQWs comes from the combination on all the games on Lore. Thusly, AQs and DFs (And MQs, but that's a bit old for use + no map of Lore) are the ones that should be looked firstly at. ;)

And to make myself useful I'll get maps from all 3 games here. For now, updated AQW and DF, shortly with the AQ map, which takes a bit to make:


So, someone with skills: Take the Advanced AQ map, put my AQ map (With some editing) on top of it, then combine it with AQW map and finally put DF map on top of it. With that, we will have the closest map we can muster.

Mordred -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (1/10/2011 18:02:45)

I'd agree that the locations on the DF map will help you map out AQ's own map much more effectively, and I have a true reason, other than preferring DF. AQW is set into the future if Lore. Thus, techtonic movements could have greatly changed locations, rendering the entirety of the AQW map useless at the present time.

Baron Dante -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (1/10/2011 18:07:40)

Not exactly: AQW is a combination of all 3 timelines (MQ, DF, AQ), and is not part of anykind of similar timeline. The reason still stands though: Changes are everywhere, and thusly Df is closer to AQ than AQW would be.

Mordred -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (1/10/2011 18:16:24)

Ah, but the merging of time-lines would have little affect on geography, unless it has taken on the Battleonia of MQ. So, either way, it's techtonic movements/magic.

Baron Dante -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (1/11/2011 1:54:15)

Yeah, like said, the point stands ;)

I won't be doing the merge of maps cause it would be ugly and totally useless looking.

margus20000 -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (1/12/2011 7:47:48)

1. Oaklore Keep isn't in Oaklore Forest
Oaklore keep is in Arborvale forest...
So there is no surprise that Oaklore Forest and Oaklore Keep are in very different places...

2. Advanced map of AQ may show that these four maps are as a one peace...
...I think they aren't..
I think one map and map below are about Southeast corner of AQW map (Oaklore Forest...)
But Second map is maybe about far east of AQW's map, where is Dragon head shaped map's horn or head's tip...
And Third map I think is even out from AQW map...

Baron Dante -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (1/12/2011 8:25:12)

No, wrong here: It was the original planning name of it. Then changed to Oaklore forest. Proof:

Sir Valance: Sir Vey is one of the kingdom’s best naturalists! He studies all the plants and wildlife in Oaklore forest


Sir Baumbard: Word has gotten back to the King in Swordhaven that slimes and undead are amassing on edges of the Oaklore forest.

Both from Oaklore Keep NPCs. I'm quite sure there'll be more in quests and such. ;)

On 2... no idea what you're talking 'bout.

margus20000 -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (1/12/2011 14:13:42)

In AQ advanced map all 4 are randomly mixed together...
That means one map can be in south east corner of Lore,
second map otherwise even out of Lore, what we know in AQW...

Mordred -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (1/12/2011 14:57:59)

That map is incomplete and only shows AQ's part of Lore, not all four(we are only using DF and AQ maps, so where do the others come from?) maps are used in that one.

Baron Dante -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (1/12/2011 16:50:52)

Tch, you both get me confused on which maps and randomnesses and maps and 4s are ya talking.

Like said, for the current most accurate AQ map (for now) we'd need to take the AQW map, put DF map onto it and then the AQ map(s) on it.

Mordred -> RE: =AQ= Cartography Project (1/12/2011 16:57:01)

Why AQW? It doesn't seem all that accurate... Well, I guess some of the things do coinside with AQ areas...

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