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White Toggit

Location: Aria In Wanderland, Mad Haberdasher

Quests given

Shops owned


Aria In Wanderland

White Toggit: I'm tardy, I'm tardy, for a very important party!
White Toggit: Pffft...
White Toggit: Animals can talk.
White Toggit: Maybe they just choose not to talk to you.
White Toggit: Am not.
White Toggit: Well...
White Toggit: Humph. I wasn't, anyways.
White Toggit: You were eavesdropping. Didn't your mother ever tell you that was rude?
White Toggit: No time to stay, must run. Away! If you're late you miss the schnozzberry cakes!
White Toggit: Oh! Is that you?
White Toggit: How about a push, old chap?

If you press punt
White Toggit: WHAT?!
White Toggit: No I said--
White Toggit: AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Mad Haberdasher

White Toggit: Yes, yes. Killing the queen would mean YOU lose your head!


Thanks to Stephen Nix for a location link, banner and dialog.

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