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[image][/image]A Strange Feeling

Other name: Strangers

Location: Falconreach (Books 1 and 2) -> Ash -> Quests -> Wanderland -> Strangers -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Aria In Wanderland, Dragon Amulet
Release Date: July 17th, 2009

Objective: Can the occupants of this house in the middle of Wanderland tell you anything about how to free Aria?
Objective completed: Your mother always told you not to take food and drink from strangers. You should have listened.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Dandytiger
(2) Dirty Sockmonkey
(1) Flatrose
(2) Laundry Golem
(1) Lemon Persnickety
(2) Primrose
(2) Sandylion
(2) Shellawhat
(1) Trumpter Flamingo

Cheshire Twilly

Great Arborius
Greater Arborius

Great Florai
Greater Florai

Great Naturaus
Greater Naturaus

Ash: You'll need to find someone who can help you convince that Queen our Aria isn't a spy!

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    <Character>: Promising that wild gryphon a bounty of schnozzberry cakes if she'd just keep flying me back and forth really paid off!
    <Character>: Now, to find help for Aria... I need someone who can help me convince the queen she's not a danger.
    <Character>: This area is so strange, I have no idea where to start looking.
    <Character>: I guess I'll just wander this way, and hope to find someone who knows more about the queen than I do.

    Upon finding Chesire Twilly:
    "Cheshire Twilly is your friend! He is always there to heal you when you need it."

    Upon discovering the piece of candy in the house:
    "The piece of paper next to that plate says 'Don't eat me! Experiment!' You'd better listen!"
    <Character>: Well, I AM pretty hungry after all that wandering... one little nibble couldn't hurt.

    *nibble CHOMP*

    <Character>: Ooooh. I feel funny.

    *Character grows big*

    "You're so big, all the monsters have run and hidden from you!"

    After defeating some monsters in large form:
    <Character>: Cheshire Twilly! I.... I need some help.

    *Cheshire Twilly fades in*

    Cheshire Twilly: *looks up* *nods*
    <Character>: Well... can you help me?
    Cheshire Twilly: If I were you, I might drink that potion over by those flowers.
    <Character>: Ok. Got it.
    Cheshire Twilly: But I'm NOT you.
    <Character>: So... wait. I shouldn't drink the potion? Or... I should?
    Cheshire Twilly: You need to do SOMEthing or you'll never fit through the door to the outside.

    *sip sip GULP!*

    <Character>: Oh no... not again!

    *Character is miniature sized*

    After defeating some flowers in small form:
    <Character>: Cheshire Twilly! This is NOT what I expected when I asked you for help last time!

    *Cheshire Twilly fades in*

    Cheshire Twilly: I didn't say it would return you to normal... and you DID eat and drink in Bubble Dee and Bubble Doom's house.
    Cheshire Twilly: That's never a very good idea.
    <Character>: Drat, you're right. Well, can you fix me back to normal NOW?
    <Character>: I didn't find help for Aria, so I can't go home just yet. But I DO need to get back to my normal size.
    Cheshire Twilly: Be careful what you ask for, I always say. But since you were specific just now...
    Cheshire Twilly: I can help you get back to what you want to be.
    Cheshire Twilly: I just click me heels three ti- wait, no. Wrong magical notion.

    *Cheshire Twilly wiggles his nose and waves his staff*
    *You feel a streeeeeetching and hear a POP!*

  • Complete Quest

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    Thanks to
    -- Armakuny.
    -- Stephen Nix.
    -- Peachii for a link.
    -- Slayer Zach for corrections.

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