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Bright Beam Lance Z

Also see other Beam Lances ( źNormal╗, Guardian Bright, Bright, Gleaming Z, Gleaming, Guardian Radiant, Brilliant)

Level: 12
Price: 660 650 Z-Tokens
Sellback: 594 585 Z-Tokens for the first 48 hours, then 330 325 Z-Tokens
Location: WarpForce Crossover Quest!

Type: Ranged
Element: Light
Damage: 6-23 8-31
BTH: 6

Overall special rate is 23% and each special has equal chance to occur.
    SPECIAL 1:
    Hits: 4
    Type: Ranged
    Element: Light
    Damage: 59% Base and Random each (for a total of 236% Base and Random)
    BTH: +25 each

    SPECIAL 2:
    Hits: 5
    Type: Ranged, Ranged, Ranged, Ranged, Magic
    Element: Light
    Damage: 59% Base and Random for each Ranged hit; 472% Base and Random for Magic hit (for a total of 708% Base and Random).
    BTH: +25 each

    SPECIAL 3:
    Hits: 1
    Type: Magic
    Element: Light
    Damage: 236% Base and Random
    BTH: +32
    Target: Player

A copy of a weapon from Omnus, Queen Pra'Mithia and the WarpForce commisioned this weapon to aid those who are fighting the Network on Lore! It can deal extra damage on its special... but can also backfire! As powerful as the Level 45 Bright Beam Lance.


Numbers from In Media Res. Description from PieLover31416.

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