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Aelthai -> Full Release Fixed Bugs (7/19/2009 20:57:44)

WarpGuardian Statpercent has been fixed.

Hand of Creation (not ready for release) has been removed

Temura's buttons in the WarpGuardian Tower have been adjusted so that they can all be read

Beam Staff Special has been fixed

Scoutship quest - text bubbles that did not allow enough time to read them have been fixed

Aelthai -> RE: Full Release Fixed Bugs (7/22/2009 14:15:14)

The WarpTrooper armor no longer resets your head when you Fire a Gun.

There is another update to that armor ... but you have to be a Drakel to see it!

Aelthai -> RE: Full Release Fixed Bugs (7/22/2009 18:06:54)

Anyone who created a Guardian and did not get the 500 Gold: it was given to all Guardians by Captain Rhubarb yesterday.

Zephyros -> RE: Full Release Fixed Bugs (7/22/2009 23:15:54)

The WarpGuardian armor can now be colored by visiting the WarpGuardian Tower. Coloring will also affect the WarpGuardian Helm misc item. (Coming soon: It will also affect the WarpGuardian weapons!)

Opie Juan has used the Uniforce to repair the connection to the gauntlet in the Star Knight armor. It now properly attacks.

All armors should have tails if you are a Drakel.

Damage on the Osprey and Shock Rifle has been corrected.

Techs are now using INT for their damage and INT and DEX for accuracy.

The WG Tower's elevator is now functional.

Aelthai -> RE: Full Release Fixed Bugs (7/25/2009 15:29:30)

It's been fixed for a while, but not noted: WarpGuardian Armor now has Defences and Resistances that adjust with level!

(The minimum for the PL is 0, even if you are below Level 5)
PL = Level - 5

Strikers have Good Melee and Normal Ranged and Magic
Gunners have Good Ranged and Normal Melee and Magic

Good: ROUND((0.5*PL-0.5)/3) + 25 + ROUND(PL/30)
Normal: ROUND((0.5*PL-0.5)/3) + 25 - ROUND(PL/60)

Resistances are flat.

Resistance: ROUND(100 - 0.000000028*PL^4 + 0.0000025045*PL^3 + 0.0013903825*PL^2 - 0.3954730252*PL - 1.2171858875)

Level Good Normal Resistance
   0   25    25       99
  20   28    27       93
  40   32    30       87
 100   44    39       74

Aelthai -> RE: Full Release Fixed Bugs (8/14/2009 14:02:49)

Save the Queen, Eternal Darkness, and Warp Crystals have been fixed.

Warp Crystals is ... strange. Pick up a Warp Crystal from each Shattered World, then go looking once more - on a different world than the one you just completed. Probably still not right, but at least you can complete it now.

If you are currently playing Warp Crystals, you will need to refresh.
If this doesn't work, you may need to clear your cache as well.

Aelthai -> RE: Full Release Fixed Bugs (10/12/2009 0:31:27)

I've been striking them out in the pain post instead of transferring them here - here is the list of what was struck out:

Clicking on 'Become a WarpGuardian' in the Guardian Tower leads to a Page Not Found.
Where I was sent ---->http://www.warpforce.com/wf-guardian.asp
Where I should have been sent ------->http://www.battleon.com/warpforce/guardian/

Alteon does extreme damage against the MegAsteroid (Plasma Cannon only)

Osprey and SR weapons currently do double the damage they should on their normal attack Fixed.

WG Warp (series) sets a Resistance to blank on a suuccessful scramble.

In the Intro quest, the Attack button flashes during the tutorial from Zorbak.

You can Flee the Intro quest tutorial when that menu comes up. You can also change weapons/Gauntlets/Armors/Pets/Items when that section is up (If you change Armors, your character vanishes). When you hover over an item during the Intro quest, the item's information also appears - some of it is legible, some is not; it can extend offscreen on the higher weapons.
You can also cast a spell. This means that you face the Glitch Frogzard.
If you select an Item, it will still be active in the fight against Gristlespine. Doing this severely messes things up AFTER the fight.

The Hangar Deck buttons are difficult to click because the section of the button with text is unclickable - it changes the mouse to a text icon instead of the click icon.

Tronzor does not appear to have the code to make Pets hit him easily when training Pets; also, he generally needs a good going-over to ensure that you CAN train something reasonably.

Guardian Armor color doesn't save (it's currently being worked on)

Star Knight armor - Screenshot the forearm should probably be behind the armor.

When you use the Ion Cannon attack of the Guardian armors, the head does not move exactly the same as the armor.

When asked about what a Warp Guardian gets, Temura talks about the Blade but not the Gunner variant.

Heavy Gunner
The Gauntlet is in the wrong spot, I think it's over my elbow.
The Force Shield appears for just a moment after spellcasting, when you pick up your weapon.
The Gauntlet has been partially fixed
Heavy Gunner doesn't have a tail for Drakel.

Also, a bug was discovered in Star Knight (Level 18). The resistances and defences have been buffed, but the attack has not yet been buffed. When it is, it will be:
MBR = 223
GBR = 234
Stat = 268 (for each)
BtH = 3 (for each)

The fifth Human Female face is now shown.

Aelthai -> RE: Full Release Fixed Bugs (10/17/2009 19:55:09)

The weapons from the Reaper are now available.

The Veil quest should ... now actually go to that quest.

Aelthai -> RE: Full Release Fixed Bugs (10/21/2009 23:58:45)

Red Dwarf: the Heal button is easier to click

Red Dwarf: clicking on the Alteon VR Deck during the mission no longer takes you to the VR Deck

Aelthai -> RE: Full Release Fixed Bugs (12/19/2009 16:15:29)

Star Ninja Kick takes the SP it requires.

Armors now allow weapons to Special on Armor Skills that use the weapon.

Cosmoslug has been fixed!

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