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Azami -> Sheriff's Office (8/1/2009 13:14:15)

Sheriff's Office

Location: Khaeldron
Directions: Khaeldron -> Left -> Sheriff's Office

Missions Available:
  • Meteor Strike
  • Bomb Squad
  • Cave In

    Shops Available:
  • Sheriff's Office Badges
  • NG Badges
  • Sheriff Impound
  • NG Impound
  • Bomb Squad (Shop)
  • NG Bomb Squad

  • Garrokh and Stallione
  • Lord Valoth
  • Scraw
  • Sheriff Grif'th

    First Cutscene

    Garrokh: Hmmm... The asteroids are unusually thick for this time of year...
    Stallione: You're right. And the sparkling red lights are new as well.
    Garrokh: Indeed. Maybe it's some of those space fairies that we read so much about.
    Stallione: That's ridiculous...

    Commander: Lord Valoth! Our infantry forces have begun landing on Planet Westion.
    Commander: The invasion Armada is approaching the Planet now.
    Valoth: Excellent. This planet will be an excellent testing ground for our newest weapon.
    Valoth: But first, ensure that the ship that is buried in that planet is extracted successfully!
    Valoth: You know the penalty for failure!
    Commander: gulp... Of course, Lord Valoth... Failure is not an option...
    Valoth: hmmm... After your bungled scouting missions to Planet Loreon, I am not so sure I have faith in your abilities...
    Commander: No! Please, Lord V- Aaaaaugh!...choke, gasp...
    Valoth: Hahaha. The ship buried on Westion was built using ancient technology long lost in the Ligela incident...
    Valoth: However, once I repossess the ship buried on Westion, the Shadowscythe Empire will be unstoppable!

    Citizen: Ooooo, those are pretty.
    Citizen: Wow. The meteors are everywhere this season. That's kind of odd.
    Citizen: I wonder if this has anything to do with the prophecy...
    Skraw: It has begun...

    First encounter: will display one of the below
  • Sheriff Grif'th: You are verly lucky! A Vul'Kharim priestess just saved your life! They usually just leave me to die...
  • Sheriff Grif'th: There have been a lot of strange happenings at night! I'm whippin' up a posse to patrol the area! Can I count on you?
  • Sheriff Grif'th: That's right! I'm the sheriff! Aaaagh! A Shadowscythe! Oh. Oops... that was my shadow...

    After "Maverick <Character>"
  • Sheriff Grif'th: You're the most valuable new member of my new law enforment posse! In fact, you ARE my posse!
  • Sheriff Grif'th: Stick with me kid - you're going places! All those places that I try to avoid, actually!

    After "Ranger <Character>"
  • Sheriff Grif'th: No! You're the one they call <Rank> <Character>! Oh wait - I gave you that nickname...
  • Sheriff Grif'th: What kind of nickname is <Rank> <Character> anyway? Sounds *gulp* dangerous!

    After "Sheriff <Character>"
  • Sheriff Grif'th: This town is plenty big enough for two sheriffs! I'll be taking the sheriff desk job...
  • Sheriff Grif'th: I'll tell you what... You can be bad cop... I'll be good cop. Good and safe behind the bad cop, that is...

    After you have completed Mine Explosions!
  • Sheriff Grif'th: You are very lucky! A Vul'Kharim priestess just saved your life! They usually just leave me to die...
  • Sheriff Grif'th: This is bad... Really bad. The Khaeldron mines are staring to collapse! We're so doomed!

  • Shops
    Sheriff Grif'th: Hey! Wanna buy some items I impounded from the Shadowscythe invaders?

    Sheriff Grif'th: Howdy stranger... I'm the new Sheriff in these parts!
    Sheriff Grif'th: The last sheriff disappeared a few days ago. I assure you that will not happen to me!
    Sheriff Grif'th: I get others to do the dirty work...
    Sheriff Grif'th: Lately, there have been a lot of strange reports of people going missing at night!
    Sheriff Grif'th: Some people are blaming the increased meteor storms that we've been having lately.
    Sheriff Grif'th: I think it's all of this talk about a Vul'Kharim prophecy that has everyone scared...
    Sheriff Grif'th: Either way, there's something fishy going on around here!

    Other Information:
  • This is a Westion Chapter 2 Zone

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf for additional link.

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