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Cave In

Location: Sheriff's Office -> Sheriff Grif'th -> Mine Explosions!
Objective: Go into the Khaeldron Mines for an extremely dangerous bomb-defusing mission!
Requirements: Completion of 10 Bomb Squads
Release Date: July 31st, 2009

  • Shadow E2
  • Shadowscythe Bomb
  • Shadow E1
  • Shadow E3
  • Shadow Behemoth
  • Shadowscythe Trog

  • Sheriff Grif'th
  • Tikala
  • Lord Valoth

    Sheriff Grif'th: Shadowscythe units have been witnessed setting bombs in this mine!
    Sheriff Grif'th: You have to stop them! If any bombs go off in here, the resulting chain reaction would be devastating!
    Sheriff Grif'th: The entire mine would collapse!
    Sheriff Grif'th: Woah... I gotta get outta here!
    Sheriff Grif'th: Good luck, Sheriff <Character>!

    Tikala: <Character>. I am Tikala, High Priestess of the Vul'Kharim, I have searched for you for many days.
    Tikala: I pulled your body from the mines and healed your wounds.
    Tikala: The Shadowscythe believe that you have been destroyed. This may work to your advantage...
    Tikala: I have studied the prophecies all my life.
    Tikala: We initially believed that you were the stranger that is foretold to awaken an ancient evil that brings doom unto our land...
    Tikala: However, I believe that the stranger in the prophecy refers to the Shadowscythe themselves!
    Tikala: The Prophecy continues to foretell the burning of the planet... ...when the sands of the desert are lit with the inner fire of Westion.
    Tikala: The Vul'Kharim believe that an ancient guardian lies sleeping within the deepest reaches of the planet.
    Tikala: I fear the Shadowscythe are going to awaken this guardian and it is going to set fire to the planet!
    Tikala: I have chosen you to be our protector.
    Tikala: You will do battle against the guardian when it awakes!
    Tikala: I must return to my people... I will find you again when the time comes!

    Meanwhile... on a Shadowscythe base in a distant galaxy...

    Valoth: The plan is moving forward perfectly... With <Character> out of the way, the invasion of Westion will go flawlessly.
    Valoth: I do hope Westion enjoys this little... present... I got them... I looked everywhere for one...

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