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Dye Another Day

Location: Falconreach (Books 1 and 2) -> Ash -> Quests -> Colorless -> Dye Another Day
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Never Say Dye
Release Date: August 7th, 2009

Objective: Sneegol and Robina seem to think you'll be able to find some dye in the Sneevil dumpsite.
Objective completed: Maybe you won't need to dye another day, you'll be able to dye today!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(6) Burrlap
(4) Stenchfly
(2) Thisslock
(1) Threat Bear
(3) Vultragon
(1) Burrlap, (1) Thisslock - Boss

Robina Hood

Shorecrasher Axe
Liquid Shorecrasher Axe
Tidal Shorecrasher Axe

Wavespanner Wand
Liquid Wavespanner Wand
Tidal Wavespanner Wand

Tidebreaker Knives
Liquid Tidebreaker Knives
Tidal Tidebreaker Knives

<Character>: ... So that's what happened.
Robina: That's quite a colorful story, <Character>.
<Character>: So now I need to find dye, first thing, and then find non-Gnome help.
<Character>: If only there were Sneevil engineering geniuses!
Sneegol: Sneevil smart! Sneevils BOX-smart. Not tinker-motor-vroom smart. Boxes important. Booms aren't!
<Character>: If I had a sneevil who thought "booms" were important, I'd be all set.
<Character>: Ah, well. I'll think about where to get help later. First things first, I'll find the dye.
Robina: What about the dumpsite?
Sneegol: MANY things in dumpsite. Stupid things inside boxes, making boxes full. So annoying!
<Character>: Good idea, Robina. I'll check there first!

<Character>: ... and it smelled SO bad!
Robina: Sounds like it was a really dirty business.
<Character>: It was! I got into a heap of trouble with the monsters in the dumpsite. But I DID find some dye!
Robina: But what about the broken machine? How will you get that fixed?
<Character>: Oh, I came up with a plan at the dumpsite. Voltabolt won't know what he's looking at when I'm done with all the preparations!
Robina: You aren't going to-
<Character>: Oh yes I am! Off to Popsprocket!

  • Complete Quest

    Pop-up headlines during the quest:

    "This book bites. I wouldn't try opening it if I were you."
    "Wonder what's inside? From the smell, maybe you don't want to know, after all."
    "Bubble, Bubble, boil and... soup's on!"
    "You'd have to be VERY trim to fit into this. Trim and all beaten up."
    "A tribe of pixies has made this a stadium for pixie-polo."
    "Maybe the dumpsite is also a monster cemetary?"
    "The title of this book is "Boxes: how to shut them so they can't be reopened"."
    "I wonder where the foot is that went inside this."
    "I wonder if Maya knows these are here?!"

    Thanks to
    -- Jay for corrections.
    -- Stephen Nix for corrections.
    -- nightslayer321 for correction.
    -- Slayer Zach for corrections.

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