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ArchMagus Orodalf -> Rummage Pet (8/14/2009 19:33:41)


Rummage Pet

Location: Live and Let Dye -> Rummage pet

Tweaked Rummage
Charged Rummage
Overclocked Rummage

Robina: <Character>, I'm so glad things are normal again! And Dr. Voltabolt sent over this adorable little metal thing as a thank you for your help.
<Character>: That? That's a monster from the dumpsite!
Robina: He say's he rewired it so that you can use it as a pet.
<Character>: Awww. For a dark Dentizt, Voltabolt's not such a bad guy.
Sneegol: Pfft. Sneevils better.

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