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Also see other FourScythes ( FourSickle, QuadroSickle Z, QuadroSickle, QuadroScythe)

Level: 30
Price: 3,000 107
Sellback: 1,500 53
Location: Grabbi Weapon Shop (accessed after defeating a Grabbi in Random Adventure)

Type: Ranged
Element: Darkness (Random; see effect)
Damage: 5-20 7-27
BTH: 5

Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: «See effect»
Damage: 80% Base and Random each
Stats: No
BTH: +17 each
Rate: 25%

  • All normal player attacks and specials deal 110% Base, Random and Stat damage, unless the weapon's element is changed by effects from other equipment.
  • The weapon randomly changes its element to either Darkness, Wind, Energy, or Fire at the beginning of your attack, and remains at that element for the turn.

    Shifting randomly between 4 elements--Darkness, Wind, Energy and Fire--the FourScythe can be a little risky in a battle, but its deadly power makes up for it.


    Basic stats from Epsilon2012. Numbers from Aelthai (via Epsilon2012) and In Media Res.

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