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Circe -> =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (10/23/2009 19:46:10)

Please post any inappropriate links here. We'll be removing and keeping a private list to be added to the filter.

After links are noted, the posts are being deleted. ~Reens

This thread is only to be used for the reporting of inappropriate ads when they start to be shown on the Forum.

NOTE from Rhubarb: We can only filter out so much stuff.
We really only need to filter the EXTREMELY bad stuff.
There's always going to be iffy things, or things that might annoy 10% of our users.
Let's focus on the really bad stuff, or else we'll never get anything filtered.


ORIGINAL: westwind

Examples of bad ads:
Dating sites
Gambling sites
Spyware and other malware

These are just examples, and are not all-inclusive. HOWEVER: For the most part, guys, we don't care about things like gold sales -- just outright cheats. We can't enforce the terms of service for other games in ads.

And I've been asked things like "Is selling real swords a bad ad?" Of course it's not. These are games about swords. If we banned sales of everything, there'd be nothing to advertise.

Erason -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (10/24/2009 5:53:24)

I get a advert for Scientology that link here. I found it in the OOC room. I'm not sure if that qualifies as inappropriate...?

Wolfstorm -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (10/28/2009 13:55:48)


feigios -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (11/9/2009 21:51:58)

This ad totally annoys me, but i forgot the link. The game is called mir 2 and the lady on the ad is HALF NAKED!

Please remove it......

Elryn -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (11/12/2009 17:05:02)

I found an ad to this site.

DragonUltraMaster -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (11/15/2009 15:48:44)


I'm having problems with an add, that makes my computer lag extremly bad. This picture shows which it is: Battle Knight
*PS: It is only that one with the flames that makes my computer to lag, the others are ok*

I hope you guys can fix this!!

Thanks for helping,


Madam Mutant -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (11/21/2009 1:03:30)

[image] http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/imgad?id=COqescjF5bjSPxDYBRhPMgjdTz67b0vrDg [/image]


Found this ad in the clans and clubs information and requests area in the clans and clubs discussion thread.

As it is there each time I log into the thread I will also post the link to the thread here.
C/C Disscussion thread

Zyrain -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (11/24/2009 13:08:21)

Kongregate ~ Sacred Seasons

Causes great Lag on the Forums.


SirValor -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (11/26/2009 2:14:31)

Dating for Geeks

Please remove it from the Forums as it is a dating site.

The Illusive Man -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (11/27/2009 17:19:33)


In short, it goes to "plentyoffish.com", a dating site

Valosity -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (12/11/2009 18:16:48)

This isn't from these forums, but the EpicDuel forums. I find it particuary inappropriate because you know... If you view the ad it's on the 1,000,000 battles????? Say what? thread. It shows first, a girls stomach, then it says "Discover the Luscios hills and Vallys of (Game name), then shows the picture of a womans breasts, partially covered by armor. http://rappelz.gpotato.com/ad/

Branan -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (12/11/2009 20:31:36)

those immortal night ads are for an M game (17 or up) please remove it

sleddyboy3 -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (12/16/2009 22:45:43)

There is an ad that has "come play my lord" which has woman that you can partly see their breasts..

foohy890 -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (12/18/2009 8:16:28)

Don't know if it's really bad, but I think the Lycan or Vampire ad is knda gruesome with the lady and blood dripping out of her mouth...[:-]
The Universal Rules said that there are some little kids on the forums...

moneybags -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (12/20/2009 0:19:59)

Sexy Inc.

Says its explicit and not for children on the video on that page.

Jonzee Boy -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (12/24/2009 6:10:50)

Dragon Tavern
In The Add The Women Has Quite Large Breasts And Is Barely Covered My Her Armor

foohy890 -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (12/24/2009 18:33:47)

There's a matchmaking site called something like plentyoffish. Link: http://www.plentyoffish.com/?dating=womenguess&gclid=CIG36Lv8_J4CFchn5QodXykvKA

Oops didn't realize that someone already posted that... [sm=twill6a.gif]

Beowolve -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (12/26/2009 10:42:07)

I find the add for American Pie DVD/Blue Ray to be a little much for the younger ages. I just saw it playing in one of the threads I was answering a question for.


Granttank -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (12/26/2009 22:59:43)

Kongregate: Sacred Seasons.

Causes alot of lag on forums.

PD -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (12/30/2009 19:19:43)

Dating Site: http://www.zoosk.com/?from=AW_03_WW_58_US&gclid=CNSdkKiz_54CFQchDQodoxV6yQ

foohy890 -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (12/30/2009 20:04:55)


I'm pretty sure there's a no-violence thing somewhere in the Universal Rules. (Swords are pretty violent...as far as I can remember.

Oopsies! Just read the full rules up at the top. Please delete this post.

darkflame11 -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (1/3/2010 8:47:43)

I found this: www.snoringsolutionsite.com it shows a woman and a man practically half-naked..

Vivi -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (1/3/2010 12:48:06)

Dating site: http://www.gaymaturedating.com/?aff_id=google&aff_pg=3&aff_tr=1&s=free_db_search

Sam041 -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (1/3/2010 16:54:37)

Zoosk : http://www.zoosk.com/?from=AW_03_WW_87_US&gclid=CPj7vuaciZ8CFQabnAod9mlpHw
A dating site.

SDF -> RE: =AE= Google ads - Thread 4 (1/10/2010 13:04:49)

There's this ad called "Scared Seasons". It makes me like alot. Hopefully it will be removed

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