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Crow's Nook

Location: Planet Lagos
Directions: Planet Lagos -> Return to Hideout -> Explore the Sea!

Locations available:

Missions Available:
  • Rescue Robina

    Shops Available:
  • Crow's Nook NG Mecha
  • Petey Jones' Submarine
  • Crow's Nook Nova Gem Shop
  • Ammo Shop
  • Petey Jones' Cannon

  • Petey Jones
  • Serpae
  • Tetra

    Ship Sinkers

    Petey Jones!: Welcome to Ship Sinkers! Have ye any gold? Sqwawk! Petey wants a doubloon!!

  • About Ammo
    Petey Jones!: Yar Matey! We sell cannons here! They are very special weapons that use Ammo!
    Petey Jones!: If you want to use our cannons, you'll need Cannonballs! They vary in quality and type!
    Petey Jones!: Different types of Cannonballs have different effects in battle! Try It! You'll like it!
    Serpae: ...

  • Talk
    Petey Jones!: Ahoy there Stranger! Want to send some Arthurians crying back to their homeworld?
    Petey Jones!: We've got cannons, an assortment of fine cannonballs and Treasure snatching mugger guns!
    Petey Jones!: Don't mind Serpae over there... He's my bodyguard... doesn't talk to much... Sqwawk!
    Serpae: ... * Not like I'd get a word in anyway... *

    Tetra's House

    Tetra: Hello, Stranger. You're not a pirate are you? Perhaps you should change into something a little more... piratey...

  • Robina?
    Tetra: I can tell you aren't from around here... Let me guess... An Arthurian agent searching for Robina?
    Tetra: Well if you are, I wish you luck. Kidnapping the princess was probably the worst thing that ever happened to us.
    Tetra: Ever since the Dread Pirate Rhubarb disappeared, Captain Babarosa has taken control.
    Tetra: Now, he's brought down the wrath of the entire Arthurian Navy down upon us.
    Tetra: We're pirates... not soldiers! If an all out war breaks out, I am afraid of the consequences!
    Tetra: Maybe if you can find Robina then we can avoid unnecessary bloodshed!
    Tetra: She's most likely being held at Barracuda Reef, a treacherous maze of shallow reefs.
    Tetra: There is an island in the middle of Barracuda Reef where Barbarosa likes to hide treasure.
    Tetra: It is the most likely place he would hold Princess Robina captive. You should go there now and search for her!

  • Talk
    Tetra: Hello, I am Tetra. I was once a baroness on the Planet Marina. However, those days are long gone.
    Tetra: After the Shadowscythe invaded our homeworld, many of us escaped and wandered the galaxy in search of a new home.
    Tetra: Unfortunately, we wandered into Arthurian space and were captured by Prime Minister Constantine.
    Tetra: We were taken in large cargo ships to be slaves in the rich mines of Arthuria!
    Tetra: The Dread Pirate Rhubarb rescued many of us and brought us here to Planet Lagos.
    Tetra: Ever since, we have been pirates, attacking Arthurian ships, stealing resources and freeing our people.
    Tetra: I don't hate Arthurians. I don't believe most of them know about the actions of the Prime Minister.
    Tetra: He is a very devious and evil man... A stark contrast to their philanthropic royal family.
    Tetra: King Alteon and his children, Robert and Robina, are known across this sector for their kindness and charity.
    Tetra: I don't believe they would tolerate the actions of Prime Minister Constantine if they knew...
    Tetra: Unfortunately, now that Barbarosa's men have kidnapped Robina... Alteon is probably not likely to listen to us.

    Other Information:
  • Crow's Nook is located at the top right of the Sea - keep going top right until you see 'Map2 Area Loaded' (Click here to see how it looks like)
  • Pirate Uniform is found from talking to Tetra

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