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Paxia Defense!

Travel Map > Sail East > Paxia Clans > Defense Forces

The actions of Ryuusei Cartwright, the disloyal and treacherous General of The`Galin, on Paxia have had a lasting and perhaps permanent negative effect on the creatures of this region. Uneasy as peace has ever been once the Devourer left Paxia has fallen again into chaos. While technically at peace, this has become a cover for continued activity of those network forces formerly in the service of The`Galin's general, creatures stirred up by those forces, mutant and aggressive monsters effected by their passage, and even some disgruntled clan members within Paxia. Constant vigilance and defense is needed to maintain amity on Paxia. To this end those loyal to the cause of Paxian Unity have remained hoping to maintain the peace and stave off a return to the chaos that once reigned. You are crucial in this process. Will you defend the clans and the forces of unity, or will you sow the seeds of discord by warring against them?

«You are brought to a main hub page, where you can choose multiple options as shown:»
  • Defend your Clan
  • Defend Unity

  • Attack Aerodu!
  • Attack Dynami!
  • Attack Glacius!
  • Attack Lucian!
  • Attack Geoto!
  • Attack Nautica!
  • Attack Igneus!
  • Attack Nocturu!
  • Attack Unity!

  • Back to Paxia
  • Back to Town

    «You can also refer to this page to see each clan's strength in defense force.»

    Regardless of choice, with the exception of returning to Paxia/Town:
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      1 BATTLE
  • Defend Again! ( gives full heal HP/MP )
  • Back to Main Screen

    All monsters that you fight when battling for unity are from the Network.

    Monsters you encounter when defending your own clan come from your RA list.

    You receive the message "You cannot attack your own clan!" if you come from, and wish to attack the same clan.

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz

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