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«Scene: Battleon»

«Lavistria enters»

Lavistria: «You»! Did you see them?!?
«You»: ..................... See who???
Lavistria: Oh, you must not have heard. Augerthorne is having the same problem as Greenguard, which is why I have come to Battleon.
«You»: What problem?
Lavistria: WOLFRIDERS!
«You»: Wolf RIDERS? Who's riding them? Leprechauns? Dwakels??
Lavistria: These are not normal wolves... These are mammoth wolves. We think they are bred by barbarians of the north to reach the size of bears.
«You»: !!! What are they doing in the forests here, then?
Lavistria: These WolfRiders are very enigmatic. They've been raiding merchant caravans as well as settlement builders.
Lavistria: Because everyone is afraid to cross our forests, most trade between Elves and Humans has ceased.
Lavistria: I tracked some wolf-prints into Battleon... but the rain we just had washed them away. Can you search the Inn for me while I continue looking outside?
«You»: I will, Lavistria. Yell for me if you find anything!
  • Search!

    «Scene: Battleon Inn»

    «You»: Robina! Did you hear about the WolfRiders?
    Robina: I did, «You». Yulgar closed the Inn today because of reports that the Wolf Riders were nearby.
    Robina: I volunteered to stand guard here, but I didn't show up until this morning after Yulgar had already gone. One of the windows was open... I think there may be an intruder hiding here!!
    Robina: Search the Inn and come back to me if you find anyone.
  • Okay!

    «You proceed on to a minigame, searching the Inn for any possible intruders. If you do not find anything, the message "CONTINUE YOUR SEARCH!" appears. If you search upstairs of the Inn, you enter a battle.»«When you search the attic, a WolfRider enters.»

    «You»: Wolf!!
    «You»: Wolves!!!
    Ravil: If you weren't accurate, I'd pull out the ol' saying 'never cry wolf'...
    «You»: What are you doing hiding up here?? Why aren't you attacking me?!?
    Ravil: First of all, I'm Ravil. I'm NOT one of the WolfRiders you are looking for...
    «You»: Mind tricks don't work on me.
    Ravil: No mind trick... I'm actually not of them. I'm a Dire Wolf... and I am riding a Mammoth Wolf...
    «You»: Look-- You ARE a WolfRider in every sense of the word.
    Ravil: Okay... Right. I suppose so. But I'm not one of the WolfRiders that has been terrorizing the forests around here.
    «You»: You kind of look like you could be...
    Ravil: So I LOOK a little scary.... I MUST be a bad guy. I understand that. You're used to monsters like me being bad.
    Ravil: But I'm hiding here because the REAL ENEMY is looking for me. I know where their leader is.
    «You»: How do you know that?
    Ravil: I helped the WolfRiders breed their Mammoth Wolves. I helped them only because at that time I thought their plan was right...
    Ravil: They said they were going to scare people just enough to keep them from continuing to overrun the wilderness. Instead, they have been taking over new lands and expanding their control.
    Ravil: They're creating their own kingdom, just so they can do with it as they will!!

    «Scene: Battleon»

    «You»: Robina, Lavistria-- this is Ravil. Contrary to appearances, he is here to HELP us, not EAT us.
    Ravil: I'll show you the way north to the WolfRider's leader. We have to stop them before it's too late!
  • Go!

  • Track the WolfRiders with Ravil! - Ravil will now battle by your side!
  • Track the WolfRiders with Robina! - Robina will now battle by your side!
  • Track the WolfRiders with Lavistria! - Lavistria will now battle by your side!
  • Track the WolfRiders by yourself!

    «Regardless of choice»«A WolfRider enters»

    WolfRider: You are intruding upon WolfRider land!! Turn back now or be eliminated!
    «You»: Let me think about that for a minute......
    «You»: NO.
  • Battle!Ravil: The WolfRider lair is here.... Prepare yourselves!!
  • Track the WolfRiders with Ravil! - Ravil will now battle by your side!
  • Track the WolfRiders with Robina! - Robina will now battle by your side!
  • Track the WolfRiders with Lavistria! - Lavistria will now battle by your side!
  • Enter the lair by yourself!

    «Regardless of choice»«General Lupin enters»

    General Lupin: Ravil!! You are a traitor to your kind. You could have helped us take over the wilds of Lore, and drive the people before our hungry wolves. But you chose--
    Ravil: -- I chose the right thing to do! You can't be allowed to take control! You're just another tyrant... and there are already too many!!
  • Battle!«You»: What are you going to do now, Ravil?
    Ravil: I think.... I'm going to go howl at the moon. And then grab a bite to eat.
    «You»: ..................
    Ravil: No, not YOU! Maybe some fish tacos at Gibet's Pub...

  • IceWolf Rider Z (L. 15)
  • DarkWolf Rider Z (L. 15)
  • Guardian IceWolf Rider (L. 25)
  • Guardian DarkWolf Rider (L. 25)
  • IceWolf Rider (L. 55)
  • DarkWolf Rider (L. 55)
  • IceWolf Rider Z (L. 70)
  • DarkWolf Rider Z (L. 70)
  • Guardian IceWolf Rider (L. 85)
  • Guardian DarkWolf Rider (L. 85)
  • IceWolf Rider (L. 115)
  • DarkWolf Rider (L. 115)

  • Wolfrider [L. 25]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
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    Entry write up thanks to whackybeanz. Credits to In Media Res for the monster lists!

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