Friday the 13th Invasion - Doom Approaches! (Full Version)

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Stephen Nix -> Friday the 13th Invasion - Doom Approaches! (11/13/2009 16:32:17)

Friday the 13th Invasion IV

Other name: Unlucky Waves

Location: Falconreach (Book 1) -> Friday the 13th! WAR! -> Invasion!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 13th, 2009

Objective: The undead have Falconreach surrounded!
Objective completed: One wave down!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

War Meter

Wave 1: (3) Vampiric Ghoul, (1) Eyeball, (1) Slime
Wave 2: (5) Vampiric Ghoul
Wave 3: (2) Vampiric Ghoul, (2) Deadwood, (1) Slime
Wave 4: (2) Vampiric Ghoul, (1) Deadwood, (1) Eyeball, (1) Slime
Wave 5: (3) Eyeball, (1) Slime, (1) Deadwood
Wave 6: (2) Vampiric Ghoul, (1) Eyeball, (1) Deadwood, (1) Skeletal Minion
Wave 7: (2) Vampiric Ghoul, (2) Slime, (1) Deadwood
Wave 8: (1) Vampiric Ghoul, (1) Slime, (1) Deadwood, (1) Eyeball, (1) Skeletal Minion
Joke Wave: (1) Vampiric Ghoul - "Hah! Gotcha!"


Unlucky Dark Dagger (7)
Unlucky Dark Staff (7)
Unlucky Dark Sword (7)
13th Dagger (All Versions)
13th Staff (All Versions)
13th Sword (All Versions)

Skull Prince
Great Skull Prince
High Skull Prince
Dark Skull Prince
The 13th Ring

Defender's Medal
Unlucky Doom Essence

Side Quests
The Amityvillian

Ash: An army of Undead is headed to Falconreach! We have to stop them, <Character>!

  • Talk
    Ash: Undead are marching toward Falconreach and they're armed with what look like Doom Weapons!
    Ash: If anyone can stop them, it's you, <Character>.
    Ash: Where did they find the Doom Weapons though?
    Ash: Oh! Artix stopped by on his way to the front, too!
    Ash: Said something about keeping his own tally, I mean, I know he loves killing undead, but man, that glint in his eye every Friday the 13th? Scary!
    Ash: He also mentioned erasing any trace of Doom he found if he finished his count before you did, so I'd get to slaying if I were you!

  • Done - Back to War Meters Screen

  • Heal - Fully Heals you

  • Leave - Back to Introduction Screen


    Thanks to Dragonblade.

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