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Circe -> WG Mallard Quog (11/15/2009 16:19:08)


WG Mallard Quog
Location: WG Tower -> WarpGuardian Shop
Level: 48
Price: 275 Gold
Sellback: 137 Gold

PLvl: 53
CHALvl: 51
Element: Wind
Damage: 9-28
Stats: 250%
BTH: +13%
Suggested Charisma: 54

Rate at 0 CHA: 40%
Rate at 54 CHA: 67%
Rate at 120 CHA: 100%

Hits: 1
Damage (per hit): 100% Base and Random plus 250% Stats|
BTH: +0% plus Stats|
Element: Wind
Type: Ranged
Rate: 90%

Hits: 1
Damage (per hit): 85% Base and Random plus 212,5% Stats|
BTH: N/A (always hits)
Element: Heal
Type: Melee
Rate: 10%
Note: This affects the player. Remember that the player (usually) has -100% Heal Resistance, so that this effect will heal you.

|Stat Bonus: CHA/15 to damage, CHA/15 + CHA/20 to BTH.

From the planet Floom, Quogs are said to resemble a cross between ducks and frogs-- but they are 100% alien. You will need a lot of
willpower to control one, but they are effective in battle and can actually heal you with their distincitive 'QROWK"SOUND. (Guardian Only)


Thanks to AVA. Numbers thanks to Aelthai.

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