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Circe -> Gamma Emitter 4100 (11/15/2009 16:36:04)

Gamma Emitter 4100
Location: Engineering -> Gravlax -> SKILLS & TECHS SHOP
Level: 41
Price: 279 Gold
Sellback: 139 Gold

Hits: 4
Element: Fire
Type: Ranged
Damage: 6-20 plus 106% Stats each|
BTH: +10% plus Stat each|
MP Cost: 100
|Stat Bonus: INT/4 to damage, INT/16 + DEX/16 + LUK/20 to BTH
    Effect: If at least one hit connects, then you can Burn the opponent for five rounds.
    The Level of Burn is 3-17(for BrnDmg damage per turn).

    Level: 41 vs MonsterLevel
    Major: 100 vs MonsterEND
    Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

    The monster gets +7 to its save if one hit connects, +4 if two hits connect, +1 if three hits connect, and -2 if four hits connect.
Using Gamma Emitter technology, you expose your enemy to a massive dose of gamma rays.
This is bad for enemy, and will NOT result in giving them green skin...


Thanks to AVA. Numbers thanks to In Media Res.

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