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Stun Baton XVZ0(L0Z), Stun Baton XVW5(L5G), Stun Baton XV7(L7), Stun Baton XV11(L11), Stun Baton XV16(L16)
Stun Baton XVW25(L25G), Stun Baton XVZ30(L30Z), Stun Baton XV50(L50), Stun Baton XV75(L75)


Stun Baton XVW5
Level: 5
Location: WarpGuardian Shop, Stormfront's Basic Weapons
Cost: 32 Gold
Sellback: 16 Gold

Type: Melee
Element: Energy
Damage: 4-15
BTH: +2%


At the end of your turn, there is a 20*[# of hits that connected]/[# of hits that were attempted]% that the weapon will attempt to paralyse the monster. The monster gets +20 on its roll.
The chance of attempting to paralyze the monster is 20% * (number of hits that connected/number of hits attempted).

Level: 15 vs MonsterLevel
Major: 45 vs MonsterEND
Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

This extendable baton is NOT for cheerleaders!


Image and correction thanks to AVA. Numbers thanks to In Media Res.

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