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Wizard's Fire

Also see Wizard's Fire Z , Wizard's Fire , Sizzling Wizard's Fire , Raging Wizard's Fire , Searing Wizard's Fire , Consuming Wizard's Fire

Level: 20
Price: 1,800 55 Gold
Sellback: 900 27 Gold
Location: Ballyhoo - Legend of the Seeker

Element: Fire
MP Cost: 104

Hits: 1
Element: Fire
Type: Magic
Damage: 6-18 plus 200% Stats
BTH: +13 plus Stats
Effect: If the hit connects*, then the monster becomes Burnt (5 rounds; Level 47, so 4-23 damage). Fire-Element monsters are immune to the burn**. The monster takes -20 to its save***:
    Level: 47 vs MonsterLvl
    Major: 110 vs MonsterDEX
    Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
*Your foe is engulfed in Wizard's Fire!
**You cannot burn Fire monsters!
***Your opponent manages to dodge the brunt of the Wizard's Fire!

The Seeker Richard Cypher's friend Zedd has taught you this spell, as thanks for traveling to Westland to save him!


Info. thanks to Aelthai. Image thanks to jxwong208. Corrections thanks to Cryotek(verification via Kalanyr) and Xrai. Messages thanks to Well. Immunity from Fishbone.

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