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Bu Kek Siansu -> Refined Warp Rocket Launcher (11/29/2009 22:57:13)

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Modem Rocket Launcher(L32), Proven Rocket Launcher Z(L35Z), Refined Warp Rocket Launcher(L39G)


Refined Warp Rocket Launcher
Location: WG Tower -> WarpGuardian Shop // The Alteon! -> WarpGuardian Shop
Level: 39
Price: 231 Gold
Sellback: 115 Gold

PLvl: 44
Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: Fire
Damage: 8-25
BtH: +6%
Effect: Each hit deals 50% damage(since there are two hits).

Hits: 4
Type: Ranged
Element: Fire
Damage: 96% Base and Random plus 73% LS each
BtH: +19% each
Stats: No
Rate: 20%

No rocket-jumping allowed. (Guardian Only)


Thanks to AVA. Numbers thanks to Scakk.

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