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Bu Kek Siansu -> New Hullscuffer (12/3/2009 22:03:37)

Dulled Hullscuffer(L2), Honed Hullscuffer Z(L7Z), Sharpened Hullscuffer(L9), Used Hullscuffer(L15)
Monomolecular Hullscuffer(L30Z), Warped Hullscuffer(L36G), New Hullscuffer(L57), Polished Hullscuffer(L85)

New Hullscuffer
Location: Hangar Deck -> Stormfront -> Commander's Arsenal
Level: 57
Price: 1,360 Gold
Sellback: 680 Gold

PLvl: 57
Damage: 9-28
Element: Water
Type: Melee
BtH: +7%

Hits: 3
Type: Ranged
Element: Water
Damage: 215% Base and Random plus 117% LS each
BtH: +24% each
Stats: No
Rate: 20%

A Gathoran tool used to scrape space barnacles from the hulls or starships, this razor-like item
is particualary useful in fights and even has an energy-blasting special attack!


Thanks to AVA. Numbers thanks to Scakk.

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