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Universal Forum Rules
Key Definitions and Other Notes


Trolling is defined as posting comments that are designed to inflame or offend another user. Slanderous comments based on race, gender, nationality or religion are specific examples, but anything can be trolling. Posting the same argument ad nauseum in an attempt to force people to agree with your views can be a form of trolling. Targeting one user in post after post can be trolling. The tone of a post largely identifies trolling, and while that can be misinterpreted, the only perspective that matters is that of the member of forum staff or staff assistants that is moderating at the time. To avoid confusion or misunderstandings, try to keep your posts as friendly and courteous as possible. We're all part of one community and respecting each other is not optional behavior.


Flaming is defined as posting comments that attack and target another user. Name-calling is a specific example of flaming, but anything can be considered an attack. Specific threats against another user, even in jest, will never be tolerated and are instantly actionable by a member of the moderating team. Do not harass other users, mock their mistakes, or call them offensive or rude names. We work very hard to maintain a friendly and fun atmosphere; behavior contrary to those efforts will not be tolerated.


As a community, we should all work together to help each other out. Posting to tell someone where to find something or where their post might belong is one of the ways we can function as a team. But it's a fine line between trying to help someone out and trying to tell someone what to do. The only people with that authority are members of the moderating staff, and it's important that they be allowed to do their job. When posting to help someone out, make sure the tone of your post is friendly - everyone makes mistakes or has to ask a question so it's important to be tolerant and accepting - and be sure to provide links and quotes so that the question or issue is addressed. Your post should not consist solely of direction, it should also answer the question or address the issue that caused their post in the first place. Posting merely to instruct someone as to how they should behave is mini-modding and is prohibited behavior.

Hacking Discussions/Accusations

The forums are designed to support the AE games and to service its community of players. But members of the forum staff function separately from game staff in terms of their specific responsibilities. Any game account issues should be sent to the help pages and should not be posted on the forums. Likewise, if you think a player is hacking, it should not go on the public forums. Please PM any moderator from the Forum Staff and Forum Staff Assistants List. For AQW, you should use the in-game report function to report an instance of hacking.

Further, hacking is not a topic up for discussion anywhere on the forums. Specific words associated with hacking have been filtered, and attempts to evade this filter will be met with serious consequences. Posting game .swfs, any links that relate to hacking or any comments that specifically and literally advocate or assist in hacking will be removed and will result in an immediate ban.

Attacks on Staff and Staff Assistants

Trolling or flaming any user is not permitted. Any attempt to mistreat a staff member or staff assistant while they attempt to do their job will also not be permitted. These forums exist to support AE's suite of games, and any abuse perpetrated against AE's team is a serious offense that will not be tolerated.

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