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Ianthe -> Major Azamay Earth Runestone (12/10/2009 19:03:53)

Major Azamay Earth Runestone

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Level: 110
Power Level: 110
Price: 150,000 253,917
Sellback: 75,000 126,958
Location: Today's Event > Ruins of Rundlecrum! OR Battleon Inn > Speak to Robina Hood > Ruins of Rundlecrum!

Element: Earth
Upkeep: 28 MP per turn
Activation: 0 turns

Effect: By itself, the misc does nothing. With certain pets, it changes the pet's attack element to earth. See the individual pets' entries for details:
  • Azamay Golems ( Limestone, Sandstone Z, Sandstone, Gneiss Guardian, Flint, Basalt, Granite Z, Marble Guardian)

    This stone relic has an emerald glyph, and imbues an Azamay golem's attacks with the Earth element!

    Alternate Image

    Stats thanks to Aelthai. New location credits to Mysterious Strangeface.

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