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Crimzon5 -> =MECH= Chekhov's gun (1/2/2010 6:02:46)


This is the insertion of an object of apparent irrelevance early on in a narrative, the purpose of which is only revealed later on in the story. I've seen this a lot in some of my favorite movies, but not yet in the books I've currently read. I think it's great, though maybe hard to pull off in a book because the reader might forget about it soon (and a rereading from the start all the way to end again may help).

So, what are your thoughts on this?

alexmacf -> RE: =MECH= Chekhov's gun (1/2/2010 10:34:09)

I think it can be brilliant when done correctly, but I don't trust myself with it. I'm not careful enough with my writing. I don't manage to get everything down on paper until I'm almost ready to edit. That said, I love reading short stories and watching movies/plays and so on where they do this stuff. With a novel, it would be a bit harder to pull off, but I imagine one still could.

horusmaster9 -> RE: =MECH= Chekhov's gun (1/2/2010 12:50:35)

Irrelevant? Why, that's my favorite word! :D
But that's irrele- err... not important. I see this a lot in the longer stories that I've read (H Potter, Ender's Game). Plus, it seems to happen a /ton/ in short stories. However, although Wikipedia is my absolute favorite site, I didn't bother reading the article. I could very well be mistaking Chekhov's gun for symbolism that becomes more apparent in the later parts of a story. If that's it, then I'm not doing so well with it. But, there's one more literary device that I can use in my writing. Yay! ^v^

Alixander Fey -> RE: =MECH= Chekhov's gun (1/2/2010 22:53:49)

Terrry Goodking mastered this. By his... 11 book I learned his style. So as I read I took mental notes and had his story figured out early. It was great. =P It's like... almost forshadowing.

Crimzon5 -> RE: =MECH= Chekhov's gun (1/4/2010 7:50:27)

^Almost like forshadowing, just like what wikipedia said. (The article said that they're very close to one another)
I find it a technique to make the irrelevant-looking things as mere parts of decriptive detail to make sure the reader doesn't think "Oh, the gun on the wall is gonna be used later," right away.

Firefly -> RE: =MECH= Chekhov's gun (1/4/2010 18:21:30)

I like it because I think it's a good way to hint at something without giving it away. Y'know, give the readers a chance to figure it out without making it too obvious. I like using it at times, but recently I've kinda... moved away from it. Just didn't feel like it anymore. Probably because my mind wasn't on any of my semi-mystery stories.

]{haos -> RE: =MECH= Chekhov's gun (1/12/2010 20:22:36)

I am currently witting a short AE mystery story I believe you have just helped improve my story
it would be perfect for those do-it-your-self-detective books

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