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Mecha Ball

Location: GEARS Games II, GEARS Games III, GEARS Games 2011
Objective: Play a pre-season Mecha-Ball scrimmage agaisnt a rival house.
Requirements: None
Release Date: -

  • Casca
  • Jaania
  • Xaria
    (and possibly more..)

  • Sphere-Do
  • Admina
  • Nigel

    Nigel: <Character>! Get into your <House> mecha and prepare for a game of Mecha Ball!

    Sphere-Do: Welcome to the Mecha-ball scrimmage games! I am your referee and also the ball! Do you need instructions?

    Admina: This is simple! Move with your arrow keys. Try to avoid your opponents and get me to the other side of the field.
    Admina: If you are intercepted or go out of bounds, you will need to duel one of your opponents to stay in the game.
    Admina: At the goal, you must duel the Goalie to score. It's easy! It's just you against six opponents! Piece of cake!

    If you went out of bounds:
    Sphere-Do: You've run out of bounds! To continue this drill you have to duel an opponent.

    If you loss:
    Nigel: You lost! The victory goes to the opposing house!

    Rewards Shop:
  • Valor Badge shop
  • Betrayal Tokens shop

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