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Moglin Carolers Z

Location: GiftBox Golem Z
Element: Ice
Type	Z
Level	66
PowLvl	78
CostLvl	75

Price	1520
S <48h	1368
  >48h	380

MPCost	285
Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Ice
Damage	23-82
Stat%	333
BTH	20
  • If at least one hit connects, there is a [50*hits connected]% chance of attempting to Control the monster (1 round; 100% chance of damage; Level 81, so 8-52 damage). The monster gets a +20 bonus to its save:
      Level: 81 vs MonsterLevel
      Major: 185 vs MonsterCHA
      Minor: PlayerLUK vs MonsterLUK
    **Your foe is so moved by the Frostval spirit that it is overcome by shame for its naughty actions!
    **Your foe is comfortable being on the naughty list, and is unmoved by the Frostval spirit!

    These joyful singers will make the monster forget all his troubles ... including you.


    Stats and description from Aelthai. Thanks to In Media Res for saves.


    January 1, 2010: The spell was released and became rare.
    June 8, 2012: Price and sellback were swept. Old values were:
    Price	5050
    S <48h	4545
      >48h	2525
    June 15, 2017: Price and sellback were swept. Old values were:
    Price	3600
    S <48h	3240
      >48h	1800

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