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Guardian Frostval Giant's Axe

Also see Unwieldy Frostval Giant's Axe, Frostval Giant's Axe, Frostval Giant's Axe Z and Heavy Frostval Giant's Axe

Level: 75
Power Level: 78
Price: 60,000 8,802
Sellback: 30,000 4,401
Location: Frostval 2009 Part II

Type: Melee
Element: Ice
Damage: 4-31 5-41
BTH: 5%


All normal player attacks deal 113% Base, Random, and Stats.

This wintry axe is hard to control - but powerful when handled properly. (Guardian Only)


Write-up thanks to Blue Revenge. Basic info. and description thanks to PieLover31416 and mustafa123321. BTH & Effect thanks to Aelthai. Image thanks to Valane. Correction thanks to jack90. New image thanks to Billie Joe Armstrong.

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